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Pastor’s vision and desire to reach the community of Cutler-Orosi led him to say that it would be nice to have a newsletter detailing the church events.

Although I wrote many of these articles myself, my desire is to have each leader write an article detailing events that their department has held or plan to hold in an effort to gather an overall view of all the activities that are happening around the church. This would be just a few paragraphs. It is hoped through this newsletter that the unity of the church will continue to grow stronger.

Believe it or not revival is in full force in Orosi and God is blessing all the efforts of the church. Grab a hold of the vision Pastor has and give it your all. The word of God says that we are all one body with many members and as Bro. Martin taught recently, we may not all function the same yet we need each other. So although we may not all be able to do the heavy work we can all utilize the talents God has given us to further the effort to reach the lost.

As you read this I ask that you consider and think; “What can I do to assist Pastor and Sister Guerrero’s vision for the church of Cutler-Orosi.” As always there is a need for prayer, laborers, encouragers, etc. In the kingdom of God there is work for everyone. Let us bind together and watch the blessings of God fall.

- Trinidad Rodriguez


Ladies Conference 2013

The conference started a few months ago when the women of the church began to fundraise by selling heart shaped cookies and chocolate strawberries. Sister Irma Lua once again proved that she is a force to reckon with as she sold the most cookies for the second year in a row.

Prior to leaving the women gathered at Pastor and Sister Guerrero’s home for prayer that God would bless them on their journey. The women caravanned and fellowshipped on the drive to the conference.

This year the ladies were blessed to hear Sister Johnson Lebanon TN as she delivered words of encouragement and inspiration. The ladies enjoyed experienced a powerful move of God during the services that were held Friday evening and Sunday morning. Sister Johnson taught Friday evening about healing and learning to forgive oneself. Spiritual strength and commitments were renewed. Sister Denna Schaub won the blessed seats that was held Friday evening during service and received a large platter of chocolate dipped assortments.

On Saturday the women attended a luncheon enjoying a time of fellowship and breaking of bread with other Jesus name women from churches all over California. After the luncheon Sister Johnson once again spoke to the ladies utilizing a storybook and sharing insight about her own personal experiences.

After service Sunday morning the ladies left the conference inspired and on fire and after a day of shopping the ladies returned home; Sunday evening to anxiously awaiting husbands and kids.

Sister Guerrero had this to say about the conference; “Sister Johnson is an extraordinary person. We were blessed to hear her testimony. Many women received their healing and left feeling changed and whole again. Her personal stories she shared were heartfelt and encouraging."      


Cinco de Mayo

This year’s Cinco de Mayo fundraising celebration was kicked off with an impassioned plea from Pastor Guerrero that the church catch the vision he has to fundraise for the planned expansion of the parking lot. Once again the church rallied together and everyone put their shoulders to the wheel. Although not everyone was able to help in the booth, many assisted in the preparation, giving donations, or in prayer and fasting prior to the event.

During the event those who worked the booth expressed that it was a fun time enjoyed by all. It was great to see all the saints working to not only raise money but also to reach the lost. What a site it was to see the young kids such as Rafa, Eddie, Felix, and Joel join in to raise money by selling candy apples to not only the people in the park but to some of the vendors as well.

Although the days were unseasonably warm, everyone strived on and worked together. Thanks to Sister Dora’s leadership, the event was well organized and successful.

The Rock Christian Academy

This month The Rock Christian Academy took the students to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo for a field trip. The students enjoyed a day where they were able to see firsthand the many animals that God has created. Students of all ages were able to learn facts about the animals as they enjoyed their fun filled day. Thanks to all the school staff and those who assisted as chaperones for making this field trip a great success.

Revival in 2013

2013 has been a year of revival and the church has enjoyed experiencing the powerful move of God during service. The prayer, fasting, and outreach have led to more souls being added to the church. 

Over the past year the church has experienced growth like no other and that has led to the need for expansion of the parking lot.  Pastor is constantly encouraging everyone to come early for prayer and warns that if you’re late you may not only not find a seat but you may not find parking either. As part of the move of God, Pastor recently baptized two new members in Jesus Name. Welcome to the family Brother Ismael and Sister Adele.

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